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Administrative Law

Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients in a variety of matters before local and federal administrative bodies, including Utah’s Board of Oil, Gas and Mining and the U.S. Interior Board of Land Appeals, and Utah’s Public Service Commission.

Utah’s Board of Oil, Gas & Mining

Utah’s Board of Oil, Gas and Mining is the policy-making body of Utah’s Division of Oil, Gas and Mining and formal adjudicative body for issues related to oil and gas exploration and development in Utah. Lear & Lear’s attorneys have extensive experience practicing before the Board in a variety of administrative actions ranging from well siting and spacing matters to compulsory pooling and royalty payment issues, among other matters that fall within the Board’s jurisdiction. As a result of our expertise and reputation in this practice area, Lear & Lear’s attorneys have played a vital role in assisting the Board in promulgating rules to meet its policy objectives and establish guidelines for practice before the Board.

United States Interior Board of Land Appeals

The Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) is the appellate review body that exercises delegated authority of the Secretary of the Interior to issue final decisions for the Department of the Interior, including appeals from a variety of decisions of the BLM, the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR), the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and others. Lear’s attorneys have considerable experience practicing before the IBLA, including representing clients in appeals from BLM decisions, ONRR-imposed fines, and a variety of BIA-related issues.

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