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Our Legal Practices

Lear & Lear is a natural resource law firm specializing in a wide variety of energy and mineral projects and land-related issues. With experience in a wide array of practice areas, Lear & Lear, PLLC will handle your legal issues with care and professionalism. Contact us today.

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Lear & Lear has become one of the premier firms dealing with oil and gas law throughout the country.  Lear & Lear can help clients from all stages of the oil and gas industry, from developers, operators, and producers to lenders and marketers. Our attorneys have significant experience in the preparation of title opinions for fee, state, federal and Indian lands throughout the United States

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Lear & Lear is prepared to assist you in each critical step of your project, including site identification, land and title issue, due diligence, acquisition, rights-of-ways, project development documents, contractor agreements, as well as assisting you in understanding and navigating local and state regulatory barriers you may face.

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Lear & Lear has experience representing clients related to a variety of natural resources including oil and gas, coalbed methane, geothermal resources, water, tar sands, oil shale, gilsonite, copper gypsum, phosphate, potash, molybdenum, boxite, and uranium and non-fossil based methane.


Lear & Lear understands how important it is to have accurate ownership records so royalty payments can be made, leases can be properly renewed, and purchase and sales agreements can be reached. We use this understanding of title to cure any defects in the record so that your business documents can be correct and clear.

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