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Lear & Lear is not new to the sustainable and clean energy industry.  Our team includes lawyers who have worked in renewable and alternative energy for over 30 years.   As a firm, we are now applying our vast experience in subsurface development energy development to the rapidly expanding and emerging renewable energy sector.  From individual homeowners to international renewable development interests, Lear & Lear is prepared to assist you in each critical step of your project, including site identification, land and title issue, due diligence, acquisition, rights-of-ways, project development documents, contractor agreements, as well as assisting you in understanding and navigating local and state regulatory barriers you may face. Finally, Lear & Lear, along with our collaborators and contacts in in the renewable energy industry can assist you with project finance issues, environmental regulations, entity organization, tax structures, and a wide variety other problems you may encounter.  Our services do not end at the funding or completion of project development but can continue through the start-up and production phases of your efforts.

Renewable Energy: Practices

Our goal is to help you implement successful renewable energy projects.

As a boutique energy firm, we are particularly aware of the costs associated with start-up and/or initiation of renewable energy projects.  Our pledge is to provide top quality services, creatively, efficiently, and in a cost-effective approach. Finally, we pride ourselves on our accessibility to our clients and our ability to tailor our services to your needs.  We invite you to test our process and commitment to these principals.

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Lear & Lear’s renewable energy focus areas

Lear & Lear is equipped to assist clients in a wide range of clean energy technology sectors, including the following:

  • Biofuels/Biomass

  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration

  • Geothermal/Steam

  • Solar (Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal)

  • Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • Wave and Tidal Technologies

  • Wind Projects

  • Other alternative energy technologies as appropriate

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Sustainable Energy
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Where and who we can help.

Lear & Lear is licensed in over 21 jurisdictions across the United States that are at the center of renewable energy development of all types. This broad service area allows us assists our clients directly or by creating efficient relationships with our network of local land and regulatory entities who assist us amplify our ability   to provide high quality, cost effective services to our clients.  Because we are situated to work in a variety of jurisdictions, we have provided our services to a wide array of clients including  national banks, large institutional investors, Fortune 500 corporations, small to large cap independent operators, law firms to  individual clients.  We look forward to serving you.

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Lear & Lear’s own renewable energy project story.

In 2008, Lear & Lear moved from its office in downtown Salt Lake to an area just east of the center of town.  We purchased 1893 Victorian Mansion in need of significant repair.  One of our primary areas of focus was to install a completely new energy system without compromising the historical integrity of our new building.  Looking for the most efficient system possible, we enlisted the help of the Idaho National Laboratory.  After a comprehensive search, we selected a geothermal approach to heating and cooling—with a twist.  Rather than using traditional air or well water heat exchangers, we worked with the city of Salt Lake to develop a first-of-its-kind project that harvested energy from the sewers.  The project was recognized nationally, and we have been heating and cooling our building using that method ever since.

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