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Curative Actions

Gaps and defects in the chain of title are all-too common when land ownership, mineral interests, and the inexorable passage of time intersect. Lear & Lear has decades of experience in efficiently curing and closing these gaps so that title issues don’t slow down your work. Because our attorneys have a deep understanding of the business needs of our mineral clients, and proven probate expertise in the many jurisdictions where our clients operate, we can quickly diagnose title issues and prescribe the correct curative action—with precision and practicality.  Whether it’s probating a will, appointing a foreign personal representative, deeding certain interests from one party to another, filing quiet title actions or liens, or simply researching the chain of title and writing an explanatory letter to make the complex and confusing a little more comprehensible, Lear & Lear can assist you.

Curative Actions: Service

Our Curative Experience

We use our experience to perfect your chains of title so your business can run smoothly.

Because of our extensive work in the energy sector, we understand how important it is to have accurate ownership records so royalty payments can be made, leases can be properly renewed, and purchase and sales agreements can be reached. We use this understanding of title to cure any defects in the record so that your business documents can be correct and clear.

Lear & Lear is licensed to appear in numerous state and federal courts and administrative agencies which allows us to undertake curative actions in just as many jurisdictions. Whether the curative action requires litigation or a simple deed, we have the credentials necessary to accomplish it.

Our attorneys have compiled thousands of title opinions and understand the circumstances that lead to a broken chain of title. They are able to use this understanding to find the most direct way to perfect it. Allow us to put our experience to work for you.

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